Terms & Condition

  • Minimum order Should be 500/- Rs.
  • Delivery charge is  80/- Rs upto  300/- Rs.
  • If the weight of delivery is more than 25kg then other delivery charges may be applicable.
  • If order more than 25kg or 25kg can delivery through two – wheeler then delivery charges would be zero.


  • There is a time limit for the cancellation of order Placed by the customer after Placing an order, if the customer wants to cancel the order then customer want to cancel the order then the customer can cancel these order withing15 minutes after placing an order.
  • If order delivered to the customer and there customer to the customer and then customer want to cancel that order then customer should have to pay  20% of total amount of order & staudard delivery cost


  • If product that was delivery to the customer was not good then customer
    can apply for exchange or return of product for free.
  • If customer want to exchange product then that product will be exchange & replace within given line by executive normaly 2hrs.